What is woman? It is the sweetness, the goodness of creation. It is the beauty and the light that shines upon us. It is the glory of being … just being … just being …

And it can be intensely cloying when it is forced and imposed. Be it – that is enough.


Every time I see a woman with a beautiful, fantastic, wonderful energy, I feel the presence of the divine feminine. But I feel its absence too. And that is a pain so great I dare not speak of it.


Ultimately, there is no difference between men and women. We have exactly the same impulses and desires. It is just that evolution has shaped them in different ways. Vive le difference! And le same!


It is in a woman that a man will usually seek to find himself. He can try all he wants, he isn’t going to find it there. It was in him all along.

Likewise, while many women are getting in touch with their own power and glory, there are still plenty of women who feel that they are nothing without a man.

But, actually, sweetheart, you are everything

You are the source of everything that ever is, ever was, ever will be.

How can you tell me, that, if you have the capacity to give birth to another human being, that you are nothing?

“Yes, but I need the man’s seed …”

And the earth needs nature’s seed to sprout life. That doesn’t diminish the magnificence of what the earth makes possible.

And, forget making babies. That is such an incredibly limited way of germinating your juices. Be the creative and pro-creative force that you are, in everything you do.

And recognise that so long as you think that you are nothing without a man, you will meet the kind of men who will confirm that you are nothing even with a man.

Indeed, there is no greater certainty in life than this: to seek validation in a woman or man will be a crushing disappointment.

What’s more, we know it, from bitter experience – and yet we still do it!

The irony is that the moment you don’t need anyone’s validation the whole world rushes to validate you.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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