The purpose of life is exactly that: to have a purpose.

The alternative is not worth bearing, and certainly not worth living.

If you haven’t got a purpose, make it your purpose to discover your purpose.


Having a compelling purpose in life is the difference between waking up in the morning feeling excited and energised about the rest of the day or spending your day at work wishing you were still in bed.

The surest way of having a compelling purpose in life, is living each and every moment of your life with purpose.

Such that each and every thing you do, no matter how great or small, no matter how significant or insignificant, you make it count. You make it work. You make it happen.

“Oh, come on! I’ve got to bust my arse over everything? Most of the stuff, it just isn’t that important …”

Well, er, maybe, you wanna start doing things which are important …

How? By treating everything that is unimportant as if it is really important.

Because, it all adds up. If you can’t be arsed with the small stuff, because “it doesn’t matter”, you will probably be found wanting when it does matter.

This is it, baby. This is your life. There should be nothing small or insignificant about it. Do it justice. Give it everything.

This is hard ball. And it is time.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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