The way our culture works is that you do something (work), so that you can have something (houses, cars, holidays). And at the end of that, finally, you can be something (happy, fulfilled).

Personally speaking, I would rather not go to all that trouble to be happy. And, fortunately, you don’t have to! Being happy is available to you at each and every moment.

Okay, if it is that simple, how do you just be happy?

You let go of all the reasons why you shouldn’t be happy, and you be happy. Yes, it is that simple.

“Yeah, but I just lost my job.” Great! A better one will come along.

“My girlfriend just dumped me.” Great! A better one will come along.

“We lost 3-0 at home to Accrington Stanley.” I’d give up if I was you …

No, it’s great, because you’ve now got something to talk about down the pub.

Blimey! Hasn’t everything worked out great! How lucky are you!

The beauty of being happy, regardless, is that you no longer need to accomplish anything; but that you are more likely to do so, if you genuinely go about life with a smile in your heart.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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