Anytime you give your all to a task – your heart, your soul, everything – that is when you are fulfilled in life.

That is when you experience the true joy, the true beauty, the true bliss of all of life.

That is why some sports stars struggle to cope after their careers are over. Because they haven’t found anything that could possibly match that degree of engagement and intensity in life that they found in the midst of battle.

Nothing comes close to matching that feeling when you’ve just scored the winning goal in the final minute of extra time.

And that is why so many soldiers, after they are released from the army, struggle to adapt to life on civvy street. If you’ve been engaged in a life and death struggle, on a daily basis, how can the mundaneness of every day life match up?

That battle to truly find themselves will be every bit as challenging as any battle they fought in the army.

And if they give their all to that battle, sooner or later, they will find themselves. And they will be fulfilled: full and filled with life.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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