Living in a Judeo-Christian society, as I do, I would admit that I have a lack of knowledge when it comes to Islam.

From what I do know of Islam, they reject a lot of Western values; such as, consumerism, materialism, exhibitionism; essentially, the trivialisation of life.

I am with them on that, more or less.

But, boy, do some of them take themselves seriously!

One must be worthy of Allah, at all times!

One must not besmirch the Prophet with irreverence!

No wrong talk or thought! Never!

Look at the world, and how mental everything is, and tell me that God doesn’t have a sense of humour! Well, perhaps, some of the brethren need to develop one too …

Just to say that if being a Muslim, a Christian or a Jew empowers and inspires you, fantastic!

And if it doesn’t, that, in the Book of Phil, is heresy.

If you are terrified of expressing who you are, of shining the radiance of your being anywhere and everywhere, and if you feel inclined to cover as much of yourself up as possible, that, in the Book of Phil, is heresy.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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