Rebellion is essentially an attempt to dominate and control a situation. It is asserting that, “I don’t like things as they are; they must change.”

This is well and good if the situation is intolerable. If you are living in a totalitarian system, say.

The problem is that in many cases, where people show defiance, where they are contrary and indignant, this is totally unnecessary. They could up and leave, and be free of it, if they really wanted to.

Yes, it’s true: you could leave that job or that relationship, if you really wanted to. You could focus your energy and your attention on something else, entirely.

Sure, it doesn’t feel like that, but that is only because you have so much emotion invested in the situation. You just cannot tolerate it the way it is. Things must change. They must change.

If only they were different, God damn it … If only they did things MY way … Things would work out then.

The list goes on … and on … and on: she talks too much, he talks too little; she is far too generous with her money, he is not generous enough; she is too aggressive, he is far too weak …

And, as for you? “I am fine, as I am.”

If you act like that, and you consider yourself an adult, no, you are not fine!


If rebelling is a force of habit for you, rebel against yourself. It doesn’t serve you to fight the world, for the sake of it. The world will win every time.

Forget the world, challenge yourself to rise up.


There is only one reason to rebel, and it is this:

Rebel because you see the possibility of something magnificent, which is impossible with things as they stand. Commit everything to smashing through every obstacle and every barrier to the sublime and the divine.

This begins with everything within you that is less than magnificent. That is unacceptable.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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