The problem isn’t that certain cultures have myths. It is that they take them for the truth.


Without some kind of myth to guide us, we would be totally lost. Myth is the secret gateway to the human experience. It is the key to the soul of any society or culture.

However, myth is malleable. It can be re-constructed and re-interpreted to suit another purpose. In the wrong hands it can, and has lead to something altogether darker and more sinister.


The myth of humanity has been pretty much this: war, tragedy, disaster, dominance, conquest, slavery – “Oh look, there’s Jesus over there! Hi Jesus” – pain, pleasure, progress, bigotry, prejudice, genocide, anxiety, stress, apathy, terror.

That myth is sooo last millenium.

What myth can we create that would be worthy of our future generations?

Peace, love, joy, compassion, creativity, beauty, wisdom, enlightenment, truth?

Let’s get to it.


Lest you think, “No way!”, recognise that more and more people are buying into all of this. Millions and millions of people are seeking, with great determination, to experience peace, love, joy, compassion, creativity, beauty, wisdom, enlightenment and truth

As it stands, given the way things are right now, it is just a myth.

And there shall come a time when it is no longer a “myth”. When it just is.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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