There is actually no distinction between being a student and being a teacher.

The greatest students are those who offer the greatest lessons for their teachers. Who challenge them to give all their wisdom, all their heart, in the face of their gravest fears and their greatest sorrows.

In that sense, the greatest students are the greatest teachers.

And the greatest teachers are the greatest students. They are never done learning. Because the more they learn, the more they have to pass on.

The tragedy of our education system is that everyone is in a mad rush to get it over and done with. To finish with their learning before they’ve even started.

You look at it and you think, what a waste: of talent, of knowledge, of the generations to come …

The sad thing is that so many people learn so very little at school, which is why they have so little to offer as they go through life. Those who learn the most in life, have a boundless desire to pass on everything they can.

This is the true purpose of learning anything: to pass it on.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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