Joy: God’s delight in all it surveys.


The surest way to experience joy is to give it to others. Make them smile, make them laugh, and it will come back to you many fold.

Blessed is the jester who earns his living doing this!

Tragic is the jester who doesn’t recognise this, who isn’t jesting to spread joy, but because he needs love and attention.


If you are sad and you want to be joyous, be joyous about your sadness. En-joy it!

Find out all the reasons why you are sad. Keep going until you have a smile on your face. This may take some creative license:

“Really? So I’m upset today because I forgot to feed the fish. And all the fish in the sea found out about this, and got really pissed off. And wanted their revenge. Which means that anyone who eats fish tonight will end up with food poisoning. And all because I forgot to feed the fish.“

You may well come to realise that many of your reasons for being upset are just as crazy! That they are based on something that happened to you when you were five! If so, laugh and cry your guts out, until you are free.


If you want to go through life being miserable and depressed, I certainly haven’t got a problem with that. It is a perfectly legitimate way of living your life. Seriously. Just take it to the extreme: try to be as miserable and depressed as you can possibly be.

No, come on, you can do better than that! You are a master when it comes to being miserable and depressed. Well, do yourself justice! Come on, step it up. Take your misery and depression to the next level. We are all counting on you …

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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