In life we all face challenges. Where possible, choose your challenges. Choose great challenges, even impossible ones. If you fail, so what? Everyone else has.

Very simply, choose challenges that are worthy of who you are. You may be afraid and doubtful to begin with, but you may just amaze yourself, in the process.


If you love a challenge you will succeed at it – regardless of what you actually achieve. The purpose of any challenge is to express love where it is not. Hence, if you love a challenge you have already won.


Anytime you take on any challenge, give yourself the freedom to fail and to mess up. If you weren’t going to fail or mess up, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge, would it?


The hardest thing about a challenge, is not the challenge itself. No, it is confronting your limiting beliefs: that you can’t do it; that it is too difficult; too, well, challenging.

Anytime it seems like it is all going horribly wrong, cut yourself some slack. Do not, no matter what, ever lose respect for yourself. Any time you have any doubts, recognise that facing up to your limitations head on takes real balls. You can never tell yourself this enough.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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