You can dress yourself up in the most extravagant clothing, but it is you all the same. It is you, with all of your fears and insecurities, dressed up lavishly.

No matter how ostentatious you are, as you try to project a trouble-free lifestyle, your troubles haven’t disappeared.

You will have to confront them sooner or later. They are sure to turn up like an unwanted guest, at the most inconvenient time. And they will create havoc in your house, unless you face them head on.

You can change all you want on the surface, but you have to deal with all of your problems where they actually are.

The more you disguise who you are, the harder this is.


Where possible, I prefer to travel light, instead of cluttering my life with stuff. The less clutter I have, the clearer I am.


No matter how much you accumulate, none of it is yours to keep.

The greatest pain is often when you have so much invested in your stash that you worry like crazy about losing it.

Which is truly insane on three levels: 1) Right now you have it, and nothing can possibly change that fact, 2) Sooner or later you won’t have it, and nothing can possibly change that fact, and 3) Worrying about losing it takes away whatever pleasure you might have actually derived from it.

The way I see it, we were born with nothing. And we will die with nothing.

And the remarkable thing, I find, is that when I truly need for nothing everything is taken care of.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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