Without health, wealth is immaterial. Isn’t it ironic how people will often sacrifice their health to acquire wealth?


Ill health is simply your body screaming at you, “Enough! Stop abusing me!” It will usually have had to put up with an awful lot before it will force you to take notice.

I get that you would rather not deal with your health. Whatever you are doing is obviously far more important, right?

“Oh no, I am really health conscious. I eat blah and blah and I go out jogging, and I do aerobics and …”

There are those people who are completely obsessed with their health. This is actually unhealthy. This is an attempt to perfect your imperfections through the body. But you never quite get there, do you? “If only my arse was just a little bit more toned … if only my pecs were more defined …” If only you realised that whatever imperfections you imagine yourself to have, are not to be found in the body …

Do yourself (and everyone else) a favour: go out and get drunk once in a while. Drown your noxious ego for at least one night.


Love and laughter are the most powerful drugs of all. They cure people where nothing else does. So why doesn’t your doctor write out a prescription for them?

Instead of society spending billions every year drugging people in an attempt to cure them, why isn’t that money used to generate love and laughter for all?

So much of life is ludicrous and utterly preposterous! What a wonderful opportunity! Our schools, offices and hospitals are dreary, depressing places, by and large. Let us create an environment which brings out the inherent funny in all of life, instead.

And instead of work, we should all be having sponsored love-ins, with aromatic candles, soft lighting and Barry White.

I’m in. What about you?


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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