To thrive in an insane world you have to be insane. You have to do things that other people would consider bonkers! I find that that is the best way of preserving my sanity.


It is said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This is true. As well as this, I would suggest the following:

Insanity is trying desperately to please everyone – except yourself.

Insanity is attempting to alleviate your own misery – by making everyone else miserable.


Insanity is, actually, deeply creative, in the way that it reconstructs the reality of any situation. To believe, for example, that everything in life – the government, the CIA, the aliens and Hollywood – is all a conspiracy to get you, that takes some talent.

The trouble is not so much that people have these thoughts, it is that they think that they are their thoughts. They are so gripped by each and every idea they have about life, they cannot see anything else. They are completely possessed and shackled mentally. And because they are so far off the mark, life will displease them greatly.

But lest you think that I am not addressing you here … Sure, you might feel content with life, more or less, but for pretty much all of us there is some aspect of our lives where we are held hostage by our thoughts; where we are completely gripped and possessed and cannot see any way through.

“But it just is that way! I can’t do anything about it …”

But you are doing something about it. All the time. You are making a complete pig’s ear of it. You are getting really frustrated and angry about it. You are inventing all these fears which bear no relationship to reality, and taking them to be reality. You are doing plenty.

So, if you want to know what to do: first things first, stop doing all of that crazy, unnecessary nonsense. Take a step back, and ask yourself, “What is another way of looking at this?”

And, yes, I know that it’s tough, bloody tough, to really change how you look at life. Which is why, just as you would like others to be compassionate with your own insanities, be compassionate with theirs.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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