Never mind the outcome, the process is everything.


To accomplish anything in life, this is the key:

Step number one: find a purpose that drives and inspires you.

Step number two: work out all the actions that you need to take to make that purpose happen.

Step number three: take all the actions that you need to take to make that purpose happen.

Step number four: let go of the outcome and enjoy the ride!


Actually, there is a very simple distinction which will determine whether things work out for you or not, in any area.

Are you making the people wrong? Are you making the situation wrong? Are you making yourself wrong?

If you are, it is going to be tough to succeed. It really is.

So, how about making things … right?

How about saying to yourself: “You know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way. I choose for it to be this way.”

This is no fake sentiment here. I’m not asking you to lie to yourself.

All I’m asking you to do is to bring peace and acceptance into a situation where there is none.

Hate the bits you hate. Resent the people you resent.

And choose to do so.

And be grateful for the opportunity to take it all so completely to heart.

Yes. Be full of heart as you hate and resent …

Because, you know what? You love all that stuff! Being nasty and unpleasant – It’s the most fun you ever have!

So why deprive yourself of it? No, glory in all your badness!

“Yeah, but … What if they are nasty and unpleasant back?”

Great! Get everyone involved! Never mind, “Dress Down Fridays”, how about having, “Fuck You Fridays”, instead?

And after a while you might find yourself thinking, “Actually, it’s not so bad here …”

And that, my friends, is a result.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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