The more afraid you are, the more you lack a true purpose and meaning for your life.

Instead of having a clear sense of what you actually want to achieve, your life, most likely, is driven by petty concerns and petty jealousies.

All of which is fuelled by the needs and desires of your ego.

Fear thrives in this kind of environment.

Find something you believe in with all of your heart and nothing will stand in your way.

Find something truly compelling and watch all your fears and doubts wash away.

Is this easy? No. Because at every moment your fears and doubts will pop up and try to scupper you. At the very least, they will try to dissuade you from following such ‘madness’.

It is not that you will no longer have such thoughts and feelings. It is simply that, with enough strength and conviction, you can step aside from your fears and doubts, and remain steadfast along the path.

It is about de-personalising yourself from your fears and doubts, and refusing to identify with them. Such that, whatever grip they have on you has gone.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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