People, generally speaking, have a tendency to disregard their own ideas, and to follow other people’s ideas. Other people’s old ideas. Other people’s very old ideas.

“Here’s something that was written 2,000 years ago. Some people seem really convinced that it is The Truth, so I guess that I should believe so myself,” is a classic example.

Politics, philosophy and religion. All are full of ideas – which are old; which have been done, and re-done, ad nauseum.

We are regurgitating all of these ideas, back and forth. And arguing with each other to the nth degree about them.

What is necessary is some fresh, new, and original thought. From you.

This is how we evolve as a species. That, constantly, we challenge ourselves to see the world anew, from our own unique perspective, rather than following the same tired old arguments.

Which isn’t to say that there isn’t validity in other people’s ideas.

But did you learn something new, as in, “Hmmm …I never saw it like that …”?

Or was it merely to confirm what you already knew, so you could feel secure and certain about life?

In which case, give up the knew for the new.


No matter how crazy an idea of yours might be, don’t dismiss it out of hand. But don’t take it so seriously that you cannot see just how crazy it might be.

This is where its power lies: every great idea would have been considered insane at some time or another. Every technological, psychological or spiritual advance. In crucifying Jesus they would have implied that he was insane.

Which isn’t to say that every insane idea is a great one. Most insane ideas are insane, and after due consideration they should be dismissed out of hand.

As you consider something even more insane!


Why hold on to any particular idea? The moment you let it go a better one will probably come along.


The more threatening an idea is, the more timely and necessary it may well be.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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