If you feel lonely or left out, no one is going to bring you in, apart from you.


People who feel isolated or marginalised will often become part of a group because they want to feel included; they want to belong. The trouble is that if the group defines itself by its difference from all others, it is exclusion and isolation, just on a grander scale.

Ultimately, though, if you feel excluded from life, it is a nonsense. You are the creator of your world, the lord of your imagination. It is insane to think, therefore, that you aren’t included in some part of it.

Sure, there might be aspects of your experience that you don’t like. And you can accept this and you can embrace this, and you can either engage fully with it or completely extricate yourself from it, because it no longer serves you to invest any time or energy there. You might no longer be part of it, but you won’t feel excluded from it.

Very simply, the only reason you feel excluded in life is because you refuse to accept and you refuse to embrace that which you dislike. That is why, though you might not be involved in it, directly, it remains a very strong and very pressing issue for you.

First things first: detach yourself from it, and remain balanced, calm and centred.

That is all.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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