Recognise that we are all one and the same in a billion and one different ways.


Of course, we all prefer some forms to others. Those forms which resemble us the most, invariably. This is perfectly natural, and in order.

And imagine if everyone was exactly the same! You would be crying out for difference! So appreciate that there is such diversity in life.

And appreciate that part of our diversity, as a species, contains those who are vehemently opposed to diversity – most notably racists. If you respond to them with as much violence as they do, there is a limit to how diverse you actually are.

Quite aside from the fact that your anger towards them, energises them and gives them sustenance and nourishment. Simply put, stop hating them, because hatred is their food of choice, and keeps them strong. Love them, and they would have no idea what to do with themselves.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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