Money is simply opportunity fulfilled.


Money is like sex: without the hunger and the desperation to get it you won’t get it. And if all you have is hunger and desperation, you will push it away.


For many, money is a substitute for love. And so, they spend their whole lives chasing after it. When all they had to do to get love, was to give it away …


“It is harder for a rich man to get to the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle,” as some dude once said.

Money is an exchange of energy. It isn’t good or bad in itself. No, it is completely neutral. We are the ones who give it power and control over us.

Lest you be in any doubt: there is nothing wrong with making money. Nothing whatsoever. If you provide people with great value consistently, you have every right to be rewarded for it. If you have some great ideas that are beneficial to society, you have every right to be rewarded for it.

The problem is, as Jesus perceived, the fact that in acquiring money, people will often do things that are an affront to life. They will often cheat and lie and manipulate people to get a few extra coins. And while they might gain financially, they will lose out in every other way.

If you are only in it to make money; if you don’t care if it helps or hinders so long as you get some greenback, then my money is on the camel.


Money. We all have so much stuff wrapped up in it.

If only we had enough money, then we would be happy, secure and free.

But how much is enough?

Note: many of the richest people on this planet have an insatiable desire to make more and more money. That is why they are rich …

Well, perhaps, after the next billion, then they will be fulfilled and satisfied …

Or, maybe they will die before they enjoy any semblance of contentment.


This is what is really insane. People will do things they consider extremely unpleasant to earn money. Because they think that if they get the money it will give them pleasure.

But if you are spending your time experiencing life as being unpleasant, what makes you think that you won’t spend your money in exactly the same way?

The fact is, that when people spend money on things they consider to be pleasurable, it soon turns into something that isn’t pleasurable.

Such as, guilt: “I shouldn’t have spent all that money on that dress,” or, “That chocolate cake will make me fat.”

Or, fear: “What if I lose my job? Will I be able to afford that holiday?” or “Will men find me attractive in this dress? Will my friends be impressed? I hope I haven’t wasted all that money …”

Not to mention, suspicion and anger: “What if this isn’t as good a deal as he said it was? What if I’m driving along and it breaks down – like what happened the last time?”

Just think, if you hadn’t bought the damn thing, you wouldn’t have felt any of that!

What to do? Simple. Next time you feel the urge to splash the cash, ask yourself: “Do I really need, or even want this?”

If you can avoid the temptation, great!

And if you splurge out all the same, forgive yourself.

Because, no matter what your payslip says, you don’t own money. Money owns you.


There are so many schemes out there to make money, it is untrue. The internet is responsible for much of this.

There are billions to be made, online, apparently.

But there are billions to be made, off line, as well.

The bottom line is this: if I cannot access that money, off line, how am I going to tap into it, online?

I look at a lot of these schemes, and I think to myself, “Aside from making me some money, how is this benefiting any of us?”

“Oh, through your list, other people will make money too.”

Okay, so aside from making a few of us rich, how is this serving us as a society?

As far as I am concerned, unless I am offering something valuable, I don’t want any money, thank you very much. Because, I haven’t earned it.

</ Irony </

Gifts are different. I will happily accept whatever gifts you fancy giving me. And it isn’t for my benefit, you understand. No, it is certainly for yours.

After all, it is better to give than to receive. We all know that.

Honestly, every time you splash out on me, I am completely sacrificing myself for you …

</ Irony </

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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