The problem is this: every means within the society we live in – education, media, government and so on – is geared towards people concerning themselves with things that really don’t matter.

In particular, the cult of the personality. Instead of focusing on values and qualities, we focus on appearance. And that is why we have the politics we have. Never mind asking, “What does he or she stand for?” for most people it’s a case of, “I like/dislike him”.

I don’t think it is necessarily a very healthy state of affairs when every facet of life becomes a great big popularity contest. But this, it seems, is how our society works.

This indoctrination is such, that when something really important happens, people don’t even notice. It is of far more significance to them whether some pop star is shagging some footballer. They can completely identify with Big Brother, because nothing of any relevance is happening in their lives, either.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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