This is life. Beautiful, wonderful, majestic life.

This is life. All of life.

There is beauty, wonder and majesty in even the most horrific and awful. There are enough examples of human beings displaying their true and most glorious magnificence in the most appalling and horrific situations, for this to be undeniably so. Strength, courage, love, compassion and forgiveness arise out of war as much as any other circumstance or condition in life.

And probably the most tragic thing about the human animal is the way in which we experience something that is beautiful, wonderful and majestic – the completion of a life, for example – as being traumatic and awful.

The opportunity to complete a life’s work; the opportunity to get ready for the next journey, the next story, is beautiful, wonderful and majestic.

Until we decide – out of our fears and regrets – that it is traumatic and awful.

And just as we see the end of a life, askew, invariably, we see the rest of life, askew.

The truly dreadful irony is this: we want and need for nothing. Life – if only we would let it – supplies us with everything we could possibly need.

But that is not enough. We are constantly hungry. Hungry for more to fill the emptiness. To fill the void. To fill our endless longing and needing for more. So much so, that those who are already full take from those who aren’t.

Is this really so hard to understand?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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