Following your ideals is the hardest way to live your life. It is also the only way.

If you have no ideals to guide you by, you might as well be put out to pasture, because you are little more than a sheep grazing in the pen.


The hardest thing about having an ideal is this: it is so personal, so essential to you. But for it to actually take shape in life, it has to be just as personal and essential to others also.


Have a concept very strongly in mind of who the ideal you is – and then live it!

Sure, this isn’t ‘realistic’. But only because you are stuck in the past.

You look at how you have lived your life, and, if you are honest, it’s not exactly inspiring. It certainly doesn’t make you feel that the future will be any better.

Hmmm. If only you could turn back the clock …

Well, in a sense, you can. In ten years time you could look at a past full of regrets, or …

That bit right there is for you to create.

If the future looks as if it will be boring and predictable – aka just more of the past – maybe it’s time you took a detour along a different route? To Joyville. To Happyville. And to Wonderful and Fantastic Lifeville.

And how do you get there? By choosing to be happy, joyous, wonderful and fantastic right bloody now.

And choosing to be so again and again and again and again.

And again.

And again.


Idealism is not ‘practical’. It is not ‘realistic’ But, then again, man landing on the moon would not have been conceivable twenty years earlier, either.

As a writer, being able to type all of your thoughts onto a computer screen would have been unimaginable – until someone imagined it.

The fact that human beings are able to walk, to talk … make no mistake, these were all massive evolutionary leaps, and emphasise how capable we truly are.

You are way more powerful than you would ever imagine, my friend. But the more you focus on what is ‘practical’ and ‘realistic’, the more you limit your ability to tap into your power. And having read all of this, you no longer have any excuses. Be the ideal you. Right bloody now!

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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