People do everything they can to experience pleasure and to avoid pain. I say, take pleasure in your pain! What the hell? Throw a party for it! Invite everyone to your, “My boyfriend dumped me again,” saga.

If you can have a Birthday Party, why not a Painday Party?

And, unlike a Birthday Party, you can have a Painday Party every day! How wonderful is that?


You cannot avoid pain. It is part of you. And it is not going to go away just because you want it to.

Just because you dislike it.

Because, what is dislike but more pain?

So, in disliking something, all you are actually doing is bringing more pain to the pain that is already there.

Sounds like a strange way of relieving your pain to me.

And then there’s chasing after endless pleasures to try to get away from your pain. All of which ends in pain, sure enough. Because pleasure never lasts. Sooner or later, you will be right in the thick of your pain again. Along with the added pain of the pleasure that never was …

This really isn’t rocket science. Let your pain be there. And let it go. Accept the fact that you are experiencing pain. Accept the fact that you really don’t like the fact that you are experiencing pain. And be done with it.

Let it be there. And let it go. Well, if it is painful, why would you want to hold on to it? That is insane!

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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