Everything in this society is geared towards mediocrity. Well, we don’t want the great mass of society feeling bad about themselves, do we? The fact that they are not exactly living very inspired lives …

This is both a burden on talent. And an opportunity. In a sea of interminable and unremitting crap, anything that isn’t total and utter crap, will shine. But before it can shine, it has to wade through the crap.

Just appreciate that nothing comes freely in this world. That if you have talent there is a price that you must pay for it – and then be done with it.


Just as excellence and mediocrity can be found in any company, they will often share your own company. You can excel at work and be a complete dunce when it comes to intimate relationships. We all have things we are proud of and not so proud of. So don’t look down on those who don’t match up to your own aspirations. And don’t look up to those who you aspire to be.

Just be happy to be wherever you are, while always being ready and willing to advance.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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