The beauty of one’s character is that it is not fixed, but evolves through time. Of course, the hero can follow the path of crass stupidity as well as that which is heroic and sublime. But all paths merge in the end. You cannot deviate from the truth forever.


Character is smelted in the furnace of life. As we all are, to a lesser or greater degree. But for someone to display character, it needs to be displayed. It is a matter of expressing it; of letting it out.

A ‘real character’ is someone who cherishes and celebrates his idiosyncrasies. Someone who ‘lacks’ character hides from it, out of the fear that others will mock him for being a little bit different.

That’s why we love an eccentric. Because they play with their idiosyncrasies. They have fun with it.

And that’s why we run away from a nutter, because they think that they are their idiosyncrasies, and they take their role very, very seriously.


You can fiddle the system, certainly. You can dress up nice, work out, put on some make-up and bling, you can learn some tips and techniques about how to gain power and influence over other people. And it is only when you throw all of that away that you will know who you really are. It is only when you rely on the force of your character, and nothing else, that you can know your power and glory. If you are fiddling the system, you are only fiddling yourself.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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