The greatest example there is of the insanity of the human mind is that it thinks that it can worry itself into happiness. More so, that it expends so much energy worrying about things that will probably never even happen. Not to mention the fact that it makes such a drama about people and events that it cannot control.

That is how creative we are: the fact that our fears and anxieties are so far-fetched and incredible; the fact that our imaginations are so rich and powerful, we take all of this for real.

Yes, everyone in that block of flats has a personal vendetta against you … The fact that half of them don’t even know you exist, no matter, they all have it in for you! Yes, you occupy their collective thoughts 24-7. Because, clearly, they have nothing else in life to concern them … than how to get you.

Yes, and the government is after you. As well as the CIA. And the aliens. And Michael Barrymore. And, you know what that means … Hell, Arnie starred in Terminator 1, to serve as a warning that he was well on your case …

Delight in your wonderful mind; and use it to better effect. That is all.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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