Given that everywhere we look life has been trivialised and diminished, is it any wonder that so many within our society are apathetic? If all they have to interest them are a few celebrities misbehaving, why should they care?

Ultimately, though, you have to care. You have to go beyond the influence of your friends and society, who effectively tell you, “Why bother? Like anything is gonna change …” You have to rouse yourself to believe in something. Or you will never experience the true joy and satisfaction that life has to offer. Which cannot be found in trivialities.

But it is not enough that you care. Racists care. Warmongers care. They believe that their way of life is under threat and they care enough to take whatever actions they can to try and preserve it.

Unfortunately, it seems that when people are roused to action it is based, more often than not, on ignorance and prejudice and good old fashioned hatred.

Hence suicide bombers. Hence media-led campaigns against immigrants, foreigners, and anyone who isn’t ‘one of us’. Hence gang-warfare against anyone who wears the ‘wrong’ colours. Hence football hooliganism throughout Europe and Latin America. Hence the drunken mayhem that you see in any city centre on a Friday or Saturday night. This seems to be the only outlet for people to express themselves in our society.

Well, I’m sorry, but that will not do. No, I choose to fight for love, joy, truth and compassion. A battle which I have to wage with myself as much as with anyone else, due to some of my inherited behaviours. But is any other battle worth fighting for?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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