Unfortunately, notions of ‘civilisation’ are generally one part of society asserting their dominance over every other. The Crusades and colonialism are two classic examples. Manifest Destiny another.


True civilisation, if there is such a thing, can only be realised person by person, one at a time. It will only happen when there is no hidden agenda in the way people relate to one another. When there is genuineness and warmth between perfect strangers. That is what it is to be civilised. And that is why the process is so infuriatingly slow: Few have the courage to admit that their way of life, culture and entire thought process is nuts – no matter how compelling the evidence.

You are not meant to be miserable! You are not meant to live in fear! You are not meant to hate other people!

What is civil about any of this?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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