Some people say that man wasn’t created in the image of God; that God was created in the image of man.

If we look at the Old Testament, this is clearly nonsense.

God wasn’t created in the image of man! No, he was created in the image of a psychotic nutcase, with serious anger management issues.

And if we look at some other faiths, he’s a bit of a perve, too. Nice.


Religion was a worthwhile and necessary invention. It was an attempt by man to reach the Gods, through prayer, communion, word and deed. And all the while, the Gods remained unmoved, saying, “Nice try, but no cigar. You are looking in the wrong place. We aren’t outside you. We are you.”


When I was growing up, football was my religion. There I would be, every other Saturday, part of a great mass of people praying to some higher force for deliverance.

And then, after about twenty years of this, I started to let it go; when I realised that relying on a force outside yourself to make you happy, was completely insane. That, ultimately, success or failure in life was all down to me – not God. Or Arsenal.


Which is not to dismiss the power and the force behind the universe, and everything else.

A power and a force which I consider to be love. Therefore, my religion and my God is love. And so am I.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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