If they were happy and satisfied with life, I might understand. But why are people so obsessed with celebrities?

Come on! My pet goldfish has more personality than most of them, and he doesn’t even exist!

Seriously, what’s the attraction?

Okay, I get it … It’s all about the glitz … The glamour … Overdosing on drugs … Suicide … Paranoia and depression … Wow. That sure is worth aspiring to …

But how do we actually benefit from this obsession? In what way is my life enhanced by discovering that – guess what – such and such supermodel is anorexic?

Am I supposed to feel better because she is sick? In which case, who is really sick?

But, let’s put it like this: why do people care less about the fact that millions of people are starving to death than the sexual escapades of their favourite celebrity?

Is this not insane?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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