The crisis in the environment is a wonderful opportunity. It is an alarm call, yelling at us to “WAKE UP!”

It is as clear a message as any that our values must change. That they do not work. That destroying nature because it is convenient to do so will destroy us all, sooner or later.

But the pollution we see in the world, at large, isn’t separate from us as individuals. No, it is intrinsic to each and every one of us. Most people have some pretty toxic ideas about life, which manifest as hatred and misery and fear and lack. This is where the clean-up must begin. Or it is, indeed, game over.


The ecology of this planet will not improve until environmentalists stop making enemies of everyone who isn’t a friend of the earth.

And it won’t improve until environmentalists stop fear-mongering: banging on ad nauseam about the fact that we are all doomed.

No matter how pressing the issue, fear-mongering merely engenders more fear. And what we need is less.

While the situation is of grave concern, undoubtedly, unless environmentalists are able to expand a positive vision of the future – one that would inspire and empower us – we are, indeed, all doomed.


And, at a deeper level, if – or, rather, when – life on earth ends, so be it.

It will end, sooner or later.

Just as we die, to our particular form, sooner or later, so will the earth, sooner or later.

The nature of every form is that, just as it comes into existence, at some point it will no longer exist. At least not in the form that it existed in.

I get the attachment to “Mother Earth”. And I think it is best to treat her with dignity and respect. To live in harmony and balance with her. To sustain and nourish her as best we can.

Simply put, to give as much energy and life-force to her, as she gives to us.

And if she chooses to die – for it will be her choice – respect that choice.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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