Without labour there could not be birth. So let us celebrate labour and give it its due.

However, the birth of something is only the beginning. And experience tells us that labour – both in the hospital and in the workplace – can conceive something beautiful or something pretty darn unpleasant.

If the fruits of labour are rotten, don’t plant the seed. Don’t supply people with work that diminishes and degrades them, and by extension, us.

Create an environment which will nurture and nourish those who labour; which will enhance and energise and inspire them; which will make them delighted to arrive in the morning and upset to leave in the evening.

If they labour for you, turn their labour into a celebration of them.

Or do you think the way you are currently treating your labourers is creating more harmony in the workplace?

If you have the wit and the imagination to come up with a blockbuster of a product, you are more than capable of treating your workforce with the dignity and the respect that they deserve.

It comes down to a matter of will. And recognising that without them, you are nothing.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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