The so-called spirit of Christmas – peace, love and good will to all – is admirable, certainly.

But one has to ask the following:

1) Why should one behave like this for only one day a year? Or for that particular period? What about the rest of the year?

Perhaps, if we evolve enough, we will display the qualities of peace, love and good will to all, all year around, and have one day a year of misery, hate and war.

2) For many people, Christmas is incredibly stressful and depressing. More so, as they are expected to feel peace, love and good will to all those who they would rather stab in the eye with a screwdriver; i.e. their family.

3) The concept advanced by our consumer-driven society – that one displays one’s love through buying people gifts – contradicts everything that Jesus taught: namely, that you cannot buy love. The gifts Jesus offered were not ones you could put a price on, and were not to be found in a shiny package.

Christmas, as it is now, has nothing to do with Christ. They should rename it: Cheque or Cashmas.

Or, perhaps, we could take the time to study what he actually said. What he said; and not what someone else tells you he said.


‘Ho ho ho’ has a totally different connotation for those men wondering through the red light district at night. In which they give (money) to receive (pleasure). It would seem to sum up Christmas pretty well.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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