Beliefs are both curious and irrational. They are not based on what is true, but rather on what you imagine is true. And that could be anything – beneficial or otherwise.

Elvis had everything in life – money, success, fame – and he died on the toilet, bloated and drugged to the eye-balls. Because, deep down, he probably believed that his life was completely pointless.

By contrast, if we look at concentration camp survivors such as Victor Frankl, they faced the most dire circumstances in life and they dealt with it with power and grace. Because their beliefs about themselves and about life were empowering.

It is my belief that if they were able to overcome the worst that life had to offer, that you can overcome whatever difficulties you face in life. And that I can too.

However, don’t expect miracles. You need solid foundations for your beliefs to take effect.

If we look at the whole New Age/Self-Help movement there are plenty of examples of people who have tried to create positive beliefs for themselves. Which have, invariably, withered away on the vine of all their negative beliefs. Because their negative beliefs have a great deal of force and momentum.

So, first things first: before trying to be positive, release all your negative beliefs. Through meditation, or through being aware of all the reasons why you are miserable and depressed, or whatever it may be.

Instead of trying to convince yourself that you are strong and powerful, recognise if, in your heart, you feel hopeless and worthless. Because, no matter how hard you try, things always go wrong.

Once you have become aware of this thought pattern, start asking yourself, “Do I really believe that things always go wrong? Always? I passed my driving test a couple of weeks back, what am I talking about? Yeah, but I’ll probably crash the car. And instead of going to work, I’ll be looked after by loads of nurses in hospital! How clever am I!”

If you cannot let go of the negative, your efforts at being positive, as sincere as they are, will almost certainly amount to naught.

More so, if you lose your negativity, you will start thinking and feeling positive, without any effort or struggle. As you believe that the world is less and less awful, it will appear better and better.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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