There is nothing so illogical as trying to make the world fit your logic, rather than the other way around. Of course, if the world is illogical then to do so is actually logical.

Those who are most deluded and those who are most illuminated approach life in a similar manner: by dismissing as insane and illogical that which conventional society considers normal, rational and sane.

Both delusion and illumination seek to remove us from the constraints and compromises of everyday life, into something pure. The difference is that delusion will take us full force into the darkness; illumination into the light.

It is as if we are wandering through life half-blind: not completely aware and not completely unaware of the way things are. But in seeking a solution to this, do we want to go fully blind or do we want to actually see properly?


Logic is of the mind. And, as such, is limited to what you think you know. Truth is not.

Truth is not something you can reach by acquiring knowledge or information. Truth is something that reaches you – only if you are open to receiving it. Only, if like a laser, you let it slice through all your preconceived ideas about life, creating space for something new.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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