True humanity is this: acknowledging your own flaws and letting them be, and acknowledging other people’s flaws and letting them be.


Humanity is wonderful and horrible all at the same time. It is often the very same act that determines whether you think something is wonderful or horrible. What you and I will like, or dislike, is bound to differ to at least some degree in some respect.

“Yeah, but what about war?” You might ask. Well, look at all the ‘heroes’ created by war and tell me that some people don’t consider it all terribly wonderful?

The key to a sane and happy life is to accept whatever differences there are, and to move on.


The trouble is that we live in a world where so much is dehumanising. Where the primary end is to make money. Through whatever means necessary.

How many indignities have been caused as a result of this?

How many people walk the planet devoid of life-force and vitality? Like sheep press-ganged into the pen?

At the behest of the shepherd, who seems to have a sly grin on his face …

Slavery, war, famine … Someone, somewhere is getting very, very rich.


But complaining about this isn’t going to change it.

You, you be humane, no matter what.

The trouble is that people react, when other people dehumanise them, by dehumanising them right back. They are “wicked”. They are “evil”. They are “depraved”. They are “loathsome”. They are “scum”.

They are human beings – exactly the same as you.

They succumbed, out of anger and fear, to the worst in them. Are you going to succumb, out of anger and fear, to the worst in you?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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