An individual is only as powerful as all the individuals he empowers.


Adolf Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein. All went to the most insane lengths to acquire as much power as they possibly could.

And the vermin fed on their corpses all the same.


Power is essentially about being in control. Those who are powerful feel in control of their lives. Those who feel powerless, don’t. They see everything as a threat and a danger that needs to be controlled. Or eradicated.

This has got nothing to do with circumstances; circumstances will always be out of your control. The weather, other people, drought, disease; they will carry on and do their thing, regardless. All your efforts to control them, as an individual, will be to naught, pretty much.

If enough people are aligned to your vision, you can alter the events of your life, for sure. But if you still see everything as a threat and a danger, as something to destroyed, to what effect will it have been?

How powerful and in control you are, is determined by how you deal with each situation as it arises. If you are powerful and in control, you will deal with each situation, appropriately and effectively.

You aren’t particularly concerned about the circumstances, because whatever happens you can handle.

But those who are powerless cannot deal with the circumstances, the conditions of their life, as they are. They hate them with a fury, and take actions which conform with that.

Hitler killed six million Jews because he couldn’t tolerate their presence on the earth. He believed, very simply, that if he wiped out all the Jews, all his problems would be solved. He couldn’t have done it on his own, though. But enough Germans bought into it, to make it happen.

And for many generations to come, the German people will have to come to terms with what they collectively did, as a nation, in their efforts to control life: waging a war against those parts they didn’t like. That is a very great psychic price to pay for someone’s warped ideas about how to be powerful.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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