The problem isn’t that human beings lack commitment. Because each and every human being is committed to something. For example, anyone who appears to be completely uncommitted will be completely committed to being that way.

Without the total and unyielding commitment to remain stuck in his sofa he would get off it soon enough.

That is why people find it so hard to change. It is not through a lack of commitment or a lack of energy or a lack of will. It is simply a misplacement of that commitment and energy and will. A misplacement which is based on a fundamental misunderstanding.

Namely, the belief that we are apart from nature. And, in believing ourselves to be apart from nature, we are afraid of it. We believe that it is full of nasty things that are out to get us. Beasts lurking in the woods. Brutal and catastrophic weather.

One’s primary concern and commitment in facing this threat would naturally be self-preservation. Being safe and secure, no matter what.

Hence, being stuck in our comfy sofas. Because nature cannot reach us or harm us there.

And then there’s the one that we are apart from each other. That everyone is out to get us. “He’s a threat … She’s a threat … They are all a threat.”

No wonder you are afraid of people. No wonder you are primed for attack.

To get them before they get you.

No wonder you are completely committed to protecting your arse.

And you can never be free or happy that way. Shutting yourself off from other people and the world … If you live your life like that, let me tell you, that is so, so lonely.

And all because you were completely committed to seeing life like that.

So it’s not a case of being more committed or being more motivated. If the way you see the world is askew, that will just make things worse.

Be fully committed to seeing the world right; to recognising that we are all a part of nature, and one with everything and everyone. That is all.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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