People will go to the most insane lengths to escape boredom: drink, drugs, psychoanalysis …. When the only way out of boredom is to confront how empty and pointless ones very existence is.


Everyone tries to be interesting, because no one wants to be seen as being boring and predictable. The problem is that the way they go about it is boring and predictable: drinks, drugs, and all the rest.


If you are a passive observer of life, all you will be observing is how boring your life really is.


The way to avoid being bored is to engage with life as much as you can. To have an intense fascination for everything. If you go through life being disengaged and disinterested, life will be awfully slow and monotonous.

There is so much stuff going on at every moment. And, what’s more, it is constantly changing. There is, quite literally, an infinite amount of things that you could be focusing on. The one guarantee of life is that there will always be something new: new ideas, new inventions, new human beings, etc. So why are you bored? Why, out of everything that you could be focusing on, are you focusing on that?

I’ll tell you why: because you love boring us with your issues! You love the attention, God damn it!

Think of it like this: some of you are incredibly fascinated by all of your problems. You could spend hours telling everyone: “This is wrong with me”, “That is wrong with me”. So why not step out of your tiny, little bubble and discover the world beyond?

You do realise that there is a world beyond?

No wonder you are bored.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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