Any time that anyone suggests any kind of deviation from the norm, everyone screams, “Be rational!”

They were probably screaming at Gandhi: “How can you get rid of the British without violence? It’s never been done before! Be rational!”

They were probably screaming at Einstein: “E equals what? Go back to class and learn how things really work, dummy! Come on – be rational.”

They were probably screaming at Copernicus: “How can you say that the earth is revolving around the sun? I mean, look out there, the sun is clearly moving around us. Get a grip, man – be rational.”

So, the nutter you see down the street, he might just have the answer …

In all seriousness, if you see things as they really are, and you feel the urge to point this out, society may frown on you as being ‘irrational’. Stand your ground, because if things really are as you say they are, the force and the power will be with you. The people will not be fooled any longer than necessary. All you have to do is open enough of their eyes …


Men consider women irrational. And women consider men irrational.

And they all consider that they are the ones who are rational!

So rational, that while they decry the opposite sex, they long, desperately, for a deep and intimate communion with it.

What is rational, actually, is to recognise that all those we see as irrational are but a reflection and a projection of ourselves. Condemn them, condemn yourself.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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