I am conservative, in the sense that I believe that it is important to reflect on that which is eternal – to conserve and bring forth its pure, unvarnished nature, as much as possible.

The greatest teachers – Jesus, Buddha, Confucius – all lived thousands of years ago. The greatest teachers of our times merely reflect upon and bring these ancient, eternal truths to life.

I am liberal, because I believe that nothing – aside from life itself – is permanent, and that you have to deal with life, as it unfolds, in the present moment – not how you did so in the past.

More so, I am both conservative and liberal because I believe that freedom, total and absolute, is our inheritance and birthright. We just have barriers and limitations in the way of this – which are imposed on ourselves by ourselves, as much as by anyone else. Ultimately, I want to see all those barriers and limitations gone. For myself and for everyone else.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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