If your aim in life is to please mother, live all things in moderation. Otherwise, step out as much as necessary.


Living life with moderation is essentially saying, “I am scared of life. I am afraid of things going wrong.” But for things to go right, you have to take the risk that they will go wrong.

The only way you will transcend your limits is when you journey into the realm of the unlimited. When you explore the unexplorable. Within and without.

Through which, man has landed on the moon, and climbed the highest peaks, and sunk to the lowest depths … Through which, man has gone deeper and further than man has said that man can go.

But, in giving it that little bit extra, ask yourself, to what end?

So much of life is utterly futile. So much striving to so little effect. As good a way of recognising this as any is to take something to its extreme. To devote yourself to it fully. And to ask yourself, after you have been doing it for a while, “I have given everything to this. Am I really better off now than I was before I started?”

Unfortunately, those people who take anything to the extreme are usually so wrapped up in the process, they are blind to the effects that it is actually having on them.

So, certainly, be extreme. Just be aware that you are.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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