Anytime you gaze at a young woman with love and affection … think of your mother. Because, some day, your beloved may well be a mother to someone too. It will give you a deeper sense of who she is, beyond lust.


If you think of all the sacrifices that your mother made in giving birth to you, and in raising you, I guess that they are entitled to gain their revenge by smothering you as much as possible …


A mother will protect her offspring with the most fierce pride. She sees herself in her children, many generations from now.

An attack on them is an attack on her. And an attack on her is an attack on them, no less.

The real trouble begins when her children start attacking her. This is the ultimate betrayal. And the ultimate betrayal leads to the ultimate retribution.

We are seeing this played out on a grand scale right here on earth.

It is not father earth. It is mother earth. Because she has given birth to all of us. She has nurtured us and given us life.

Let’s put it very bluntly then: if you choose to rape the earth, to despoil it for material gain or purely out of convenience, you are raping your own mother. How does that feel?

And don’t think for a minute that she will just let it go …


The ‘Maternal’ (and ‘Paternal’) Instinct

While many women seek fulfilment in a career, or by some other means, there are those women who see fulfilment as, primarily, a function of motherhood. They talk about their maternal instinct. That they want to have a strong family with a considerate and loving husband and lots and lots of children.

They say that that is their instinct as a woman.

And do you know what my instinct as a man is?

To have sex with as many women as I can.

That is my paternal instinct: to father as many children by as many different women as I can.

The trouble is that society says that it is alright for women to follow their instinct (or not, if they choose), but it is definitely not okay for men to follow their instinct.

And you wonder so many men are frustrated and angry, right now? Because they know that something is off here. Really, really off. But they don’t quite know what.


That isn’t to justify how idiotic and moronic some men are.

Because, if you don’t want to be constrained or held back by society, or a woman, you don’t have to be.

If you want to sleep with loads of women, sleep with loads of women.

Yeah, but what will people say? They will judge you as being sleazy or a heartless bastard or a pervert or a chauvinist pig.

And that’s the first reason why you are so frustrated and angry: because you are more concerned by what other people think than what you actually feel.

Oh, yes, and there are those men who don’t care so much about what society thinks, and they try to shag anything that moves pretty much.

And most of them, they get absolutely nowhere! And so they settle for pretty much any woman who will have them.

In which case, don’t blame women for the fact that you repulse them. Address the fact that you repulse them.

Oh, but you’re a man, so that’s not going to happen …


So, this isn’t to defend men or to let them off the hook here.

But it is to question the way that society has laid this out.

And it is also to address the whole nature of “instinct” and whether or not it justifies behaving in a certain manner.

That is the essential difference between human beings and animals.

Animals follow their instincts – because they don’t know any better.

Human beings can choose to follow their instincts. Or, if it doesn’t serve them to do so, they can choose to follow a higher and grander calling.

There is no preference here.

Women can mother as many children as they want. Men can father as many children as they want – with one woman, or with many.

But, before going down this path, ask yourself: does the world really need any offshoots of you? Really? You are bringing that much to the table, huh?

Will your blessed offspring add to or diminish from the collective human experience?

And, more to the point, can you really put all your own wants and needs aside, and tend to the wants and needs of another … and another … and another? For years … and years … and years?

If this is indeed so, I think that this is the single most loving thing any human being can do, and I commend you wholeheartedly.

However … is the real reason you want and need children because you want and need them to fill your wants and needs?

To live your hopes and dreams?

To give you a sense of pride and accomplishment that you couldn’t quite manage yourself?

To make you feel secure in the knowledge that someone will take care of you when you are old and frail?

Or, to put it very simply: so they can give you the ‘love’ that you never got from your parents; that you have never gotten from your spouse?

If that is your ‘instinct’, choose again.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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