Opinions are like arseholes. Everyone has one and they are usually full of crap.


Having loads of opinions is just a cover for actually having nothing to say.

“This is my opinion about blah …” Who cares?! It is not true. It is not real. And it adds nothing of any value to anyone.

“Yeah, but it’s entertaining …” No, it is your addled mind craving stimulation, desperately seeking something to latch on to. Unable to be still and quiet for even one moment. When even one moment of stillness and quiet would be far more valuable than an endless stream of opinions.

Stick to the facts. Nothing else is necessary.


There are still some parts of the world today where people can die for having the ‘wrong’ opinion. But that is not the craziest thing. No, it is the fact that some people consider this to be perfectly normal and acceptable. It is the fact that they never ask themselves the question:

“That man had a thought about something. And I reacted with the greatest possible violence, simply because I saw things differently. And now a man is dead, whereas the chances are that that particular thought is alive and well somewhere else. Was I not just a little bit silly in reacting the way I did? In killing someone over a difference of opinion?”

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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