It is not so much a case of learning new skills. It is more a case of unlearning everything that we have ever learnt about ourselves.

In particular, all those crazy beliefs we have about ourselves … every time we try something new. Such as the belief that we are bound to struggle, because … learning new things is really hard, and, well, in all honesty, we aren’t really up to it …

Compared to all that stuff that is going on in our minds, actually learning the thing is really, really simple and easy.

You follow the instructions.

That is it, pretty much.

It is our complicated minds that make it all so, well, complicated.


Because if we do something which seems complicated and difficult, it feels much more of an achievement than if it is simple and easy.

That is why some people make life so hard for themselves: they love to overcome all their obstacles. No matter that they were the ones who put the obstacles there.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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