The search for perfection derives from one’s feelings of imperfection. It takes one of two forms: either you seek to perfect yourself; or, you search for the perfect partner to compensate for everything that is wrong with you.

This is how insane it can be: the woman who starves herself to death in an attempt to perfect her body.

No matter how often you have screamed at her, “It is perfect!”, it won’t make any difference. Because her entire focus in life is on everything that is wrong with her.

But it works on so many other levels too. If you want to write a book, say, and what is stopping you is the belief that it has to be perfect or you can forget it, you probably won’t ever get started. And you will be missing out on so much, let me tell you.

To think of yourself as imperfect is a lie, pure and simple. We are, all of us, whole, complete and perfect. We just have barriers, great and small, in the way of us experiencing this.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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