The most popular game we play in life is the game of emotions. At every moment you are playing an emotional game with yourself – and winning at it.

This could be the game of being miserable, or being angry, or being afraid, or being bored. Sure, it doesn’t seem like a game, but that is only because you know the game inside out and you make all your moves automatically and habitually.

But while it all comes naturally to you and, seemingly, without any thought or effort, make no mistake, there is skill involved. It has taken you a long time to hone your ability to be so damn good! And you’ve certainly put the work in – sabotaging yourself over and over again.

If the Olympics was determined by how good you were at wallowing in your pain and suffering, you would win Gold! Some of you in each and every discipline! And you would parade around with your medals for all to see. Because it wouldn’t be anywhere near as fun if you kept your misery, depression, fear and boredom all to yourself, now would it?

So why don’t you throw a party to celebrate? You can invite everyone! And you can show off to all of them what a world-class disaster you are.

In all seriousness … lighten up. No matter how bad it is, remember, it is only a game.


© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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