Ultimately, there is only one revolution worth fighting for, and that is the revolution of the imagination. Such that we, as individuals and as a society, transform the way we think. This is both radical yet eminently sensible.

Every other revolution, whether political or social, has been done, and has failed to live up to its promise. No matter how well-intentioned it might have been, ultimately, it was just one authority and power structure and elite replacing another.

I’ll say it for the eighth billion time: you cannot change the world on the outside, you can only do so on the inside.


So this is it, this is where the battle-lines are drawn: this is the struggle we must engage in with all of our hearts and all of our minds through the 21st century and beyond: the revolution of consciousness itself.

What makes it particularly challenging is that unlike political or social revolutions, this isn’t a process or an outcome which is concrete or certain.

You cannot say, “Come the glorious day when we take over, it is going to be like this.”

No. It will look very, very different from what we could possibly conceive.

It is challenging, more so, because every other revolution has been derived and defined on the basis that there is a clear injustice and a clear enemy.

Essentially, it is saying, “They are the ones oppressing us! Let’s get them!”

It is this clarity and certainty which has created the necessary incitement and impetus, throughout the generations, for people to step out of their comfort zones, to face the dangers they have to face if they are to bring an end to the oppression.

The revolution of the imagination is very, very different.

The challenge, as we survey the world around us, is this: while people may be aware that things aren’t exactly as they should be, they have very different concepts of what the injustice is and who the enemy is. Any revolutionary impulse will likely be dispersed and diffused, diminishing its effects.

The revolution of the imagination is only possible if we lay all of these differences aside. If we recognise that it is our own minds, our own thought patterns which have been oppressing us. If we recognise that the only way to end this bondage is if we were to revolutionize consciousness itself.

How? By questioning, and transforming, every single thought and idea we have ever had about life.

Step out of your comfort zone and engage. Because the longer you wait the less comfortable it will be in your zone.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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