The trouble with many organizations is that they seem more concerned with how they should organize themselves than with what it is that they have to offer.

Yes you are the assistant supervisor half-nelson to the managing steward vice-conductor, but what exactly is it that you do?


The success of an organization is based on two things and two things only: the ability and the dedication of the people working for it. And if these people are not rewarded solely on this basis, that organization will haemorrhage all those with ability and dedication.

Another key element is ownership. Not in terms of stocks and shares, but in terms of the following: do your employees feel that they have ownership over their work? That they have some say in the shape and the direction of the company? Or do you dictate to them from on high?

How you answer this question will determine how motivated your workforce are.

And you want them to be motivated, right?

You would think so. Whereas, in many a business, bossing everyone about is what it’s really all about. At each and every level of that business.


For good or bad, an organization is usually a product of the vision of one or two men or women. Whether that organisation offers us any real value or not can be determined by addressing the following question: Would the newest recruit share this vision one hundred years from now?

This is the only viable way of doing business, ultimately.

Yes, multi-national conglomerates are lording it over us, right now. But even the greatest empires crumble, sooner or later.

You think Ronald McDonald will survive, when Rome fell?

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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