The purpose of reform is to re-form. This is how nature operates: it constantly shapes things anew.

And that is so for us too. Because what is present for us, in this moment, is something totally new; it wasn’t there before. So to adapt to life, properly, it is necessary to re-form yourself, moment by moment; to take everything – old and new – into account.

Those who suffer the most in life, fight against this basic principle. They hold on to an image of themselves, and the world, which has long since gone. They fight with great tenacity and determination to bring back the past, but reality keeps on battering them and bludgeoning them, all the same, telling them, “Give it up.”

It may have to keep the punishment going for a fair while before the message finally hits home …

Re-form yourself; re-form the world.

© Phillip A. Klein March 2008

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